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Elite Insider: Brittany, of Beauty Girl Mag

Brittany is different from your typical magazine editor--she's inspired by true beauty, not just the aesthetic beauty that overruns the magazine industry. So what is Beauty Girl Mag all about? And how did this extraordinary woman go from being an English teacher to a magazine editor. After reading the interview, be sure to check out BeautyGirlMag.

When were you inspired to create BeautyGirlMag? What was your "a-ha!" moment in creating this online magazine?

I was inspired to begin BeautyGirl a little over a year ago. I realized that there wasn't a source for true, relevant, down-to-earth beauty. There are many sources for trendy topics, like how to look like Megan Fox or Jennifer Anniston. But where are the sources that say it's okay to be yourself? My husband supported the idea and this what drove me to continue with the vision. He actually built my site & designed the logo.

Your site offers not only outer beauty but inner beauty advice, what is your philosophy on helping women develop confidence?

It's a must to have confidence in ourselves and to be comfortable in our own skin. My advice to those needing more confidence or struggling with low self-esteem is to see the many beautiful things that you do possess- your sense of humor, your eyes, your smile. If there is something that you can change like a bad habit then do it. Realize what goals are realistic for you and find contentment with what you can't change. Also, it's important to get a little perspective. It's not the end of the world, if you have a pimple on your face or your new hair cut is all wrong. Most people never notice what you're losing sleep over. I'm continually telling myself to not sweat the small stuff.

Do you see that women are gravitating more towards inner beauty or do you still think the media portrays conflicting advice about ideal beauty?

I think there is a select group of women who are tired of fake, airbrushed women on magazine covers, who desire something of substance, and who have a voice and want to share it. Unless the media changes from airbrushed magazine covers and skinny models, there will always be a skewed picture of beauty.

Can you describe to us a typical day as the editor of BeautyGirlMag? What are some of your duties and obligations?

A typical day for me is editing articles, brainstorming new ideas for articles, online marketing, and planning the upcoming event. The most recent event that I hosted was a clothes swap and a "green" event showcasing eco-friendly beauty products. There were makeovers and giveaways!

What do you hope to accomplish with BeautyGirlMag?

I hope that BeautyGirl offers well-written, content-rich advice from experts that my readers can trust. Being a voice for non-profits is actually the closest thing to my heart. I want to help spread the word for others who are helping those out of devastating situations. I hope that the readers will visit the site and gain a great tip on beauty, but also leave feeling inspired, wanting to see outside themselves to help someone out, to better themselves, and to accomplish a goal that seemed impossible. It's a one stop source for all areas of beauty...from product reviews and how's to obtaining your dream job and maintaining the soul.

Is there any advice you'd like to give to young women who may be looking to begin their own magazine or work in this industry one day?

Don't do it for money; this should never be the motivation. Bloggers these days will promote products just for the free stuff, but this creates an ingenuous voice. Write about what you love, what inspires you. This will draw people to you because they'll know you're coming from a honest place. People want to know that they can trust what they're reading. Also, it's important to have a support system, whether it's your mom, close friend or someone you met through social media. Network with people who are like minded - you never know how they'll inspire you or help you down the road. Be consistent and persistent. Success doesn't happen overnight and don't expect it to. Also, seek advice from those with experience. Never stop learning, reading, and growing - you'll soon have such great ideas that you'll surprise yourself.

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