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You Can Afford Fresh Flowers

During those harsh winter months, I long for spring. What's more wonderful than fresh blooming flowers and a cool, gentle breeze?

Okay so maybe winter isn't so harsh here in the south (it totters between 35 and 60 degrees), but when I was in New York City, it was absolutely frigid. So I know how cold you beauties must be in the northern states, and I sympathize with you.

The best way to bring spring into your winter abode is with a fresh bouquet of flowers. It's always lovely to have fresh flowers in your home, but buying a bouquet from the florist or ordering one online can be extremely expensive. Of course, there are less expensive alternatives. A rose is a rose, no matter how much you paid for it, right?

One thing I love about New York is that even if it's below freezing outside, you can find fresh flowers at various shops or corner delis. Mums are perfect for decorating because you can buy them for under $5, they're usually available year round, and they can last over a week with proper care. For those of us who reside outside of New York, we can find fresh flowers from the local grocery store or even the nearest Walmart for under $10.

Get creative with your flower arrangements! You don't always have to stick to a vase--the mums in this photo (courtesy of Martha Stewart living) look fabulous in a Venetian glass. You can also experiment with cutting your stems different heights to add depth to your homemade bouquet.

For me, the finishing touch comes with how you display it. Opt for a traditional vase, or go a more untraditional route--like cutting the stems short and using a shot glass!

Below are some cool ways to store your fresh flowers!

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