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The Fashion Industry's Top Models Reveal their Beauty Secrets

When it comes to having beautiful skin, you don't always have to go for the most expensive creams or skin care treatments. Sometimes, your favorite drug store classic or at-home remedy will do just the trick, and these models have no shame in dishing about their beauty secrets!

Mirte Maas

"I don’t smoke, and I use moisturizer every day and night.

"I’m not particular about moisturizer as long as it has a UV filter—I always wear SPF on my skin to protect against wrinkles.

"I eat healthfully—I like to eat big portions but of healthy things like whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. I’ll eat pizza once in awhile but if I ate it every day my skin and body would suffer!"

"I live in New York City and my favorite restaurant is Sticky Rice. It’s this Thai restaurant right across the street from my apartment. I go every week!"

Karlie Kloss

"Skin care-wise, I’ve just been using Pond's Cold Cream ($8.99)--it’s a heavy, rich, really saturated cream that I think my grandma probably used when she was my age, but you can’t mess with the classics! It works.

"I also like misting my face with rose water in morning. It’s so refreshing! It’s moisturizing and great for the winter when my skin gets really dry."

Anja Rubik

"I use a gentle scrub every night—it’s really, really important. It unclogs all the pores. I use the Clinique one—the 7 Day Scrub Cream Rinse-Off Formula ($18.50).

"I just massage it in and use a lot of moisturizer afterward. Massaging is especially important because it increases circulation."

Liu Wen

"During Fashion Week, I’m getting makeup on and off my face all day. It can be tough on my skin so I use a lot of moisturizer and masks to help rejuvenate it. I especially like masks because they’re relaxing.

"I also drink a lot of water, and orange juice for vitamin C. I’m so busy during the day with shows that I don’t have a lot of time to eat, so I just make sure to always stay hydrated!"

Jessica Stam

"Right now I’m using Neutrogena’s Liquid cleanser—I like it because it gets rid of my makeup and washes my face in one step!"

Beauty and the Budget's Tip: I also love Neutrogena products--one of my favorite cleansers is the Neutrogena Cream Cleanser ($5.99), but I'm definitely ready to try out Jessica Stam's favorite product!


"I use a lot of products from Origins Mega-Mushroom Skin Relief Soothing Treatment Lotion ($30.00). They work really well on my skin and they’re organic, which I like. When I see that a product is “organic” I want it! There can be a lot of crap in products, so when I see that something’s organic I trust it more.

"Before and during Fashion Week I also take a lot of vitamins so that my skin looks nicer.

"I take zinc—from what I know, it’s the best for your skin."


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