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The Look for Less: Hannah Simone's Fiery Dress

I really adored Hannah Simone's Shoshanna dress at the Verte Grades Of Green's Annual Fundraising Event! The bold color was what originally caught my eye, and then I also loved the scalloped detailing around the shoulders. I knew it would be a fairly simple look to recreate, and I wanted to share it with you all!

The outfit has a fairly simple foundation--a fiery orange/red lace dress that is bold enough to stand out on its own. I'm glad she paired it with just a black belt and black pumps, because she could've gone overboard otherwise. Either way, I still thought the look needed something extra, which is why I added the statement earrings. The outfit, while amazing, was lacking in the accessory department. If you decide to recreate this look on your own, opt for a statment necklace or a bold clutch to give it that extra oomph.

I love that she finished the look with a glam ponytail and a simple beauty look! It makes the whole outfit seem really effortless. 

Shop the look below:

Kensie - Dress KS3K9011 (Terracotta) ($99.00$59.99 by Kensie at 6pm.com)
ASOS Gem Drop Earrings ($13.30 at Asos)
Boyntonbeach ($80.00$40.00 at Aldo)
ASOS Bow Belt With Metal Plate Waist Detail ($13.30 at Asos)

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How to Get the Great Gatsby Look

The Great Gatsby was no doubt one of my favorite books from high school. There was something so intriguing about it, and of course, I loved envisioning the fashions as I turned the pages. If I could go back to any decade, it would probably be the roaring 20s. I love the opulence of the Jazz Age, the beaded tops, fringe dresses, and pearls! 

I've been highly anticipating the release of the Great Gatsby movie, which was supposed to be out in December (right?) but is now slated for a May 10th release. (And you better believe I'm dragging my husband to see it after seeing all of those Avenger, Iron Man, and other related comic book movies with him.) My anticipation for the upcoming movie inspired me to find some amazing 1920s style fashion all under $100. 

And if you decide to recreate your own Great Gatsby inspired look, take note of muted pastels, deep oxblood lips, and beaded detailing are definitely key. Shop the look below.

Will you be going to see the Great Gatsby this weekend? Let me know in the comments below!

Shop these items: 

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Pretty Little Things for Valentine's Day under $50

<em>Note: Hi Beauties! I apologize for the two-day hiatus this week. A tornado hit my hometown (Hattiesburg, Miss.), causing the power to go out and the Internet to be down for a few days. We were very blessed to have our home in tact with no damage, even though the tornado hit just a few short blocks away. However, several people in my neighborhood and other surrounding communities have lost their homes, so please keep them in your prayers. 

</em>Whether you're single or taken, you'll fall in love with these pretty little under garments under $50! Around Valentine's Day, I always get in the mood to buy fancy lingerie. Even though no one else may see it, pretty underclothes always make me feel more confident. And honestly, sometimes the best way to be sexy on Valentine's Day is what you're wearing underneath your clothes. 

Do you ever indulge in pretty intimates on Valentine's Day? Let me know in the comments below!

From left to right: Honeydew® intimates flower lace bralette ($32.00$24.99 at Madewell); Calvin Klein Underwear Lace-trimmed satin camisole ($44.00$22.00 at theOutnet); Lavender Floral Chiffon Mini ($8.00 at Topshop); Cotton and Lace Soft Bra ($32.00 at Topshop); and FOREVER 21 Ribbon Lace Babydoll ($15.80 at Forever 21).

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Friday Favorites: Odds and Ends

Take delight in these fab finds under $25! Have you tried any of these amazing products? If so, let me know in the comments below!</p>
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Friday Favorites: Your Guide to the Gym

Are you hitting the gym hard, or are you struggling to make it? Some new workout gear is sure to keep you motivated! Kick off the new year (literally) with a great pair of shoes and everything else you'll need for the gym!

I go to the gym barefaced--or if we're going to get totally fancy here, au naturale. After a long workout, it's good to take a facial wipe to remove the dirt and oil from your skin. I recommend Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes Hydrating ($7.99 by Neutrogena at Walgreens). You can use it pre-workout if you need to remove your makeup (which I recommend if you are wearing any), and you can also use it post workout to cleanse your skin. (P.S. It's also a great makeup remover when traveling!)

I'm not going to lie, I've been wearing the same athletic shoes since 2008. Since I only wear sneakers when I'm working out (which used to be almost never until I got engaged), they've really held up for the past five years. Unfortunately, they still look a little old, and even though I'm on a tight budget, I've considered investing in these Nike 'Dual Fusion 3' Running Shoes (Women) ($80.00 by Nike at Nordstrom). 

You definitely want your ponytail to stay in place while you're running. Since I have very thick hair, I love using the thick ponytail holders like the FOREVER 21 30 Piece Hair Tie Set ($1.00 at Forever 21). 

If I have time in the mornings, I'll do a quick round of 20 minute Pilates, but I couldn't do it without a FOREVER 21 Yoga Mat ($10.80 at Forever 21). 

And finally, you still want great workout clothing. A new pair of workout pants gets me really excited about the gym! I absolutely love my The Most-Loved Yoga Crop Pant ($34.50 at Victoria's Secret) and my Victoria's Secret PINK Yoga Half-Zip ($29.50 at Victoria's Secret).

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5 New Year's Eve Party Dresses under $50

Beauties, it's time to ring in another New Year! Of course, you want to look fabulous as you celebrate the occasion, but that doesn't mean you have to spend tons of money. Likewise, you don't have to sacrifice your style just because you're on a budget.

For the frugally minded woman who still enjoys grabbing cocktails with her girls on NYE, here are some tips to help you save on your holiday look this year:

  1. Don't pay for a manicure. Instead, do this at home by following my easy-peasy DIY manicure guide
  2. Wear a pair of basic pumps instead of buying new ones. Don't worry about getting a sequin mini dress, a glittery headband, accessories, and new shoes. Instead, just pair your basic black or nude pumps with your party dress. A simple pump can go with everything, plus you can let your amazing dress stand out on its own. 
  3. Borrow accessories from your friends or famiily. Does your BFF have an amazing bauble that she doesn't plan on wearing? Or does your grandmother have THE perfect set of pearls? Ask to borrow them for the night, but don't forget to return them!

And without further adieu, here are some amazing party dresses all under $50. 

$94.85$37.94 at Asos

<div style="text-align: center;">$48.00 at Nasty Gal

Oh So Quiet Dress

$49.99 at ModCloth

Copper sequin skater dress

$55.00$27.00 at Dorothy Perkins

FOREVER 21 Paillette Bodycon Dress

$34.80 at Forever 21

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How I Got This $45 Item from Topshop for Only $1

While I was browsing for some amazing fall finds for you, I stumbled upon this charcoal gray Chunky Rib Scarf (pictured right) for only $1.00 at Topshop! Although it's probably a site error, I totally made the impulse purchase anyway. So if you're reading this article, and the scarf is still for $1--get it because the navy version of the exact same Chunky Rib Scarf is $45.00. I'm sure they'll fix it at some point, if indeed, it is a site error. Since the shipping was already $10, I decided to make it worth my while so I threw in this pair of Cross, Star, Bird Studs $10.00 at Topshop. My total purchase was $21, and half of that was shipping (unfortunately). Since I've aways wanted to order something from Topshop, I figured it was worth the price. 

In other related news, Topshop is having a Buy One, Get One sale right now on all sale items. If you have missed out on the $1-scarf-error, here are some other really fabulous items for under 10 bucks. Enjoy, beauties! I don't want you to miss out on this affordable goodness. 

Click on images to view items.



Was $20.00

Now $5.00


Was $16.00

Now $2.00


Was $48.00

Now $6.00 

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Your Summer Guide to Hats

When it comes to summer time weather, layers aren't really a viable option, especially if you are experiencing 100 plus degree-weather. But the cutest way to add a little something to your ensemble is a cute sun hat, which can not only pull your outfit together but also provide protection from the sun!

Above are five of my favorite options right now for summer hats, and they're all under $25! From left to right, top to bottom: Straw Visor ($23.99 at French Connection, marked down from $40); Clementine Cloche ($19.95 at Anthropologie, marked down from $30); Flat Bow Floppy Hat ($12.80 at Forever 21); Wide Brim Fedora ($12.80 at Forever 21); and Grace Hats Amelie Cap ($24.99 at Urban Outfitters, marked down from $50).

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Analyzing the Cost of Your Wardrobe: Is Cheap Chic Really Saving You Money?

I've really been assessing my wardrobe lately. Not shopping--assessing. As in, looking at all of the clothes I have, getting rid of the things I don't like anymore, and determining if the majority of my cheap chic purchases were actually worth it. Here's what I've found out:

  • Most of my trendier cheap chic pieces were not worth buying. I think that's a pretty logical assumption, considering some of the items I bought last year for $25 just don't make the cut into this year's must-haves. 
  • Even some of my basic or "classic" cheap chic pieces got thrown away. However, in my defense, a good number of these pieces were worn on several ocassions. Additionally, I had owned some of those pieces for more than two years. So they actually have gotten their cost-per-wear.
  • A lot of the cheap jewelry I own, I don't wear. Plus, most of it tarnishes if it sits in the jewelry box too long. I threw most of it out. Granted, a lot of those pieces I had owned for at least a year or more. Nonetheless, I can think of a lot of pieces in there that I had only worn a few times. Jewelry is very easy to forget about, especially if you have a mountain of it stashed in three different jewelry boxes. 
  • I have way too many shoes. And the most expensive "trendy" shoes I have bought, I've never worn. In fact, three of the most expensive shoes in my closet, I have never worn! Never. Gold glitter booties and guitar-heeled shoes apparently don't go with anything I own. They were also impulse purchases. 

I began to wonder, if I have 100 $20 tops, that's $2,000. If I throw away half of those every year, (that's $1,000 worth of merchandise) it really seems like I'm not getting my money's worth. So I started thinking, what if I had bought like 10 really great tops for $100 each, instead of the ones I threw away. Would I have taken better care of them since they cost more money? Would I keep them longer since they would probably have a name brand attached? (Superficial, maybe, but so true.) Or, am I just not making smart purchases? Am I buying too many items because they seem cute and wearable for the moment? I think I'm guilty of both.

After making these assessments, I really needed to figure out what to do about my wardrobe. I haven't gone shopping in a while because I'm trying to save my money, but since making these assessments about my fashion spending habits, I've started looking at places like TheOutnet. I'm starting to be a bit more conscious of how I spend my money, and I feel like I need to make smarter purchases when it comes to clothing. Now, I'm not saying that I'm about to stop being Beauty and the Budget, so don't get too teary eyed! I'm not going anywhere! I'm just trying to figure out if I actually spend more money on affordable clothes, as opposed to spending less money on expensive clothing over time. 

I do have a lot of great affordable pieces (all under $40) that I wear all of the time, namely my button up blouses and bright colored trousers. I still think you can buy affordable clothing and save money, if you're smart about it. I'm definitely going to look into making smarter purchases, and perhaps I might buy a few designer pieces (on sale of course) to see how that works out for me and my budget. 

What about your wardrobe: Is cheap chic really saving you money?

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Five Beautiful and Affordable Bridesmaids Dresses

Photo Courtesy: Pinterest

If you've been following me on Instagram (@beautyandthebudget) or Twitter (@beautyandbudget), you know that there are wedding bells in my future! (We're thinking next April!) Although my sweetheart proposed to me on New Year's Day, I have yet to write a single post about weddings. Turns out, I'm a pretty horrible wedding planner. I really don't know a lot about them, and unlike most women, I didn't start planning my wedding when I was six years old. But, as they say, write about what you know--and I do know wedding fashion!

I plan on having a small yet sophisticated ceremony. For me, the wedding will involve only close friends and family, and I'm determind for this event to be as stress free as possible. That includes giving my bridesmaids freedom to choose their own dresses within their own budget. Of course, I want everything to look uniform and pretty, so we will stick to a color story, but I won't be too rigid about the silhouette, style, or price of the dress.

I have a few helpful tips when you are in search of a bridesmaid's dress. 1) Keep their figure in mind--you want them to look beautiful too! 2) Keep it classy. A fitted straight dress might look great on some body types, but in no way should the dress be tight or revealing. And 3) Since I work for a photographer, I have to say from personal experience strapless dresses aren't the best option. The reason being is that when you take close up pictures, you don't want your bridesmaids to look naked. I also think this rule applies to your wedding dress because you don't want to look naked in your bridal shots!

The search for affordable bridesmaids dresses is rather difficult. Luckily, you've found me, and I'm here to present to you five affordable bridesdmaids dresses under $150 fit for your own unique theme!

Modern Yet Posh

Here is a perfect example of a classy fitted straight dress! This simple black dress looks great on most body types, and it's perfect for a contemporary evening wedding. A thin metallic or black pattent belt and a simple bouquet of calla lillies would accompany this dress quite nicely. Plus, your bridal party can wear it for several other occasions, too! Tube Dress ($59.90 at Zara.com).

The Bold Bridesmaid

This dress would look amazing with an updo and bright red lipstick. It's perfect for an outdoor ceremony, like a garden wedding or a beach wedding, but it can also work indoors for a traditional church ceremony as well. It has a bit of a vintage vibe to it, which I love, and the fit and flare silhouette looks great on every figure! Pleased to See Hue Dress in Green ($114.99 at ModCloth)

Soft and Romantic

This dress is perfect if you have a neutral color scheme, plus it's super affordable at only $22.80! Your bridesmaids can wear it again for many different occasions, too. A taupe or cream belt would work well with this, along with a simple pearl necklace and earrings. Even a nice broach would make an excellent addition. I would like to add that if you do decide to go the route of getting a bridesmaid's dress from Forever 21, double check the length and fit of the dress. A lot of their dresses are extremely too short for a formal affair. Forever 21 Asymmetrical Ruffle Dress ($22.80 at Forever 21)

Timeless Elegance

This dress is utterly elegant and looks fantastic on its own. It can fit for a day wedding or an evening wedding, whichever tickles your fancy. Although gray can be a drab color, the metallic brocade detailing adds a touch of glamour. Pair it with a deep red lip color and swept back hair for an ultimately chic look. Kay Unger One-shoulder brocade dress ($132.00 attheOutnet, originally $440!)

Country Chic

Country themed weddings can be done well, sans the cowboy boots and hats, and over the last few years I think a lot of people have proven that this theme can be chic and modern. This dress is perfect for a country themed afternoon wedding, and the belt is a great way to add in something blue. For this dress, I see a rustic outdoor wedding in a field with beautiful oak trees, white chairs, daisies, and pitchers of freshly squeezed lemonade. Effortless Allure Dress in Gold ($129.99 at ModCloth)

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