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Who's at the Top of My List? #Emmys #Best Dressed

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Ready... Set... Spring! Introducing Next Season's Top Trends

The top trends for next year's season of flowers. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, in the words of Miranda Priestly, "Florals for spring? Groundbreaking..." Let's take a look at the Spring 2014 trends (aside from the obvious florals) shall we?

  1. Matchy, matchy. (Thank God!) The mixing prints thing was getting too complicated. Plus, I have yet to master it. I'm all for matching your tops and bottoms, thank you very much, so am whole-heartedly welcoming this change. 
  2. Crop tops. Brace yourselves–they're here to stay. Fortunately, you have the entire winter to twerk your way into six pack abs. 
  3. High Contrast. Two of my favorite colors! One–the combination of all colors. The other–the absence of color. We're talking black and white, ladies, and there's no grey area in between. 
  4. Metallics. Also currently trending, fall's liquid metals will (thankfully) carry over into spring. (Psst! This means you can make some investment purchases.)
  5. Flats. Sick of running around in heels? Trade up (or down, rather) in a chic pair of flats. Life just got easier. 
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The Look for Less: Sarah Jessica Parker's LBD

Looks like Sarah Jessica Parker took a note from Jennifer Aniston's playbook, but of course SJP takes this classic and totally owns it. Adding just a pop with her cocktail rings, it's definitely party-perfect. This is one of those go-to outfits you can pull out of your closet any time for any occasion. With a simple side-swept pony, you'll be ready to go!

Shop the look: Forever 21 Ring; Banana Republic Ring; Topshop Dress; Aldo Clutch; Piperlime Shoes.

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On a Personal Note: An Exclusive with ACCESS Magazine!

Who knew that four years ago, when I began this blog, that eventually I'd be interviewing Katherine Webb and Dee Dee Bonner? Or work for a former celebrity stylist and the founder of Teen People? I've come a long way, baby!

I've worked so hard to get to where I am now, and I don't plan on stopping any time soon. I still long for NYC–my dream of working for FabSugar or being the editor of Seventeen hasn't dwindled. There's still a fire inside of me to pursue my dreams, and our latest cover for ACCESS only fueled my ambition! It just goes to show that when you have a passion about something, you will meet your goals.

I didn't get to where I am right now from luck or a "big break." It took a lot of praying, and a lot of hard work. I took every single opportunity I could, whether it was working for free or working for low pay or a side gig. Most of the time, I was working more than one job (and still am) to either make ends meets or get closer to my dream job. It's been almost three years since I've graduated from college and I just now landed a great job. Things like this don't ever just fall into your lap. You've either made the right connections or you've shown determination to reach your goal. Or you did both. 

In Mobile, Ala., fashion is practically non-existent. Sure, we have a small community of fashion-minded individuals, and even an annual Fashion Week that raises money for charity. But let's be honest, it's not New York and it never will be. So when my husband announced that we'd be moving here before we got married, I wanted to die. Not that it was any better than my hometown, Hattiesburg, but I knew that, like Mississippi, there is no fashion scene in Alabama. I'm not implying that either of these states are horrible to live in. All I'm saying is that there aren't any fashion jobs, except retail. (And I don't count retail.) Was I going to turn out like my grandmother working my entire life in retail stores, end up moving in with my daugher because I have no health benefits, be pratcially confined to a recliner chair because I've stood on my feet my entire career, and watch my "stories" all day on TV? 

Then, through a former coworker, I found ACCESS, which was established two years ago by Hayley Hill. When I was in sixth grade singing along to Britney Spears's "Baby One More Time," my current boss was styling her. Yep, that's right! She's a former celebrity stylist, and yes, she did the denim duo. (Remember that?!) And when I was pouring over my glossies, little did I know that Hayley worked for three of them–InStyle, Teen People, and Us Weekly. I'm sure I have a few issues where her name appears in the masthead, though I haven't located them yet. By the way, did you ever watch Newlyweds? Yeah, Hayley styled Jessica and Nick, too. (Ok, gushing! I'll stop.) Anyways! Eventually she found herself moving to Mobile, Ala. After about a decade of being here, she established the Bay's first ever women's magazine–and the only outlet in the area for fashion-minded individuals like myself. 

ACCESS is a very small staff of around 5-6 employees, and even fewer are actually full time–I'm one of them. Somehow we pull together a fantastic issue every month, covering women's topics spanning from fashion to notable women in the area to events and other local interests. Our latest issue was on Women, Football, and Fashion. I was able to interview Katherine Webb and Dee Dee Bonner, which was an amazing accomplishment for me! If you aren't sure who these women are, they are the girlfriend and mom (respectively) to Alabama's all-star quarterback. Katherine Webb is now a Sports Illustrated model, and she's in an issue of Vanity Fair. In a man's world, she's right up there with Kate Upton! Dee Dee has also sparked some interest in sports fans–most men cite her as being a hot football mom. She's quick witted and down to earth though–definitely the kind of girl that women would want to hang out with. Long story short, our cover has ened up on Fox Sports, Yahoo Sports, and USA Today, among others. What an honor! Our small publication is on national news! How awesome is that? All of our long hours and hard work on our biggest issue ever certainly paid off. 

While I can't share the interview with you just quite yet, I would like to say that if you want to be updated on the magazine, follow us on Twitter @accessmag or like us on Facebook here

Recently, I read an issue of Glamour where they asked some employees what they'd be doing if they weren't working for the publication. Some answered creating floral arrangements or designing clothes, but for me, I wouldn't have that kind of answer. There is no other occupation that I'd rather have. 

I had another post set up for today, but coming hot off the heels of this success, I just had to share a personal post. I'll definitley be keeping you updated on my ventures with the magazine each month! As always, thank you for reading my blog!

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OMG! Today's Must-Have is Super Fab

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The Look for Less: Olivia Palermo's Cut Out Leather Dress

You're probably thinking: Okay, another Olivia Palermo look for less? Um, yes. I can't help myself! She's my style icon, and her taste is unparalleled. I would love to spend a day in her closet. 

I love leather, particularly of the loose and flowing variety, and it's so on trend for both summer and fall. If you find the right piece, you won't break a sweat in it. Olivia's look is just that–it doesn't look stuffy. Rather it's light and airy and totally chic. Plus, mixture of the neon clutch and bold Mary Janes make me swoon. And the red manicure is icing on the cake!

I couldn't find a good metallic purple heel that didn't look cheap, so I opted for a Mary Jane pump with similar features. Laser cut leather also tends to be expensive, faux or not, but I felt this dress from Piperlime was the perfect substitute! 

Shop the look: Belt; Shoes; Purse; Dress.

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What to Wear on Labor Day

 Shop the Look: Rebecca Minkoff Wallet ($75); Sunglasses $38; H&M Top $34.95; Mango Shorts ($17.99); H&M Gladiator Sandals ($49.95).
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Designer Deal for the Bohemian at Heart

 Buy it here
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The Look for Less: Rita Ora's VMA After Party Look

Red is the color of the season. Last year, it was oxblood but now it seems we've turned to a bolder hue. Rita Ora looks amazing in red, and this ensemble she wore to the VMAs after party doesn't disappoint. Anyone can rock head to toe red, but only few women are brave enough to do it. Total props to Rita!

The leather detailing on this dress is absolutely exquisite, but finding something similar for less was a bit of a challenge. Either way, a simple pencil dress will do, and you can always use the shoes to bring out the leather. Toughen up the look with chain link accessories, and don't forget the red lip color.

Shop the look: Chain Necklace; Chain Bracelet; Red Shoes; Red Pencil Dress.

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Top Five Best Dressed at the VMAs (Because I Couldn't Find 10)

Typically, I do a Top 10 Best Dressed List, but the VMAs were a bit lackluster. However, there were five stars who succeeded in finding amazing looks for the Red Carpet. 

1. Ciara. The look is true to VMAs style-sheer, sparkly, and fun. For some reason, it reminds me of Beyonce and Britney Spears, but I still think Ciara makes it her own. And I love the feathers! 
2. Selena Gomez. I'm obsessed! This is figure flattering and sexy, but not over the top. It's very streamlined and sleek. 
3. Holland Roden. This look would've been number one had it been any other appearance other than the VMAs. It's a far cry from the typical style of the evening, but I still think it's super glamorous and amazing! Definitey my style. 
4. Lady Gaga. Though I wish she would've revved up her beauty look (what's up with the bare face and dark hair lately?), she still wears this Prabal Gurung stunner well. 
5. Mary Lambert. She opted for a super classy choice. I love that she's dripping in sequins and the dress flatters her so well!

Honorable Mention: Taylor Swift. She looked fabulous, but I'm a little over the '20s style. I would've liked to have seen her in something more fun and flashy.

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