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Is it Really the Most Wonderful Time of the Year? How to Stop Stressing over Christmas Gifts

Although Christmas is almost everyone's favorite holiday, with the increasing financial difficulties we face in this economy, it's getting harder and harder not to turn into a total Scrooge. I love buying gifts, but honestly, I don't have the money. And without being too much of a political-occupy-Wall Street type, the market has definitely turned this holiday into a money-making machine.

For a holiday that should be all about family, friends, and loved ones, there are a few simple solutions to making this holiday a little less stressful financially. Below are five ways you can save on Christmas gifts, and some of them, you may not have ever heard before!

  1. Donate to a charity, instead of buying everyone gifts. On Christmas, gather around the table with your loved ones and explain which charity you chose and why it means so much to you. One amazing charity to donate to is Operation Christmas Child. Anyone can do this, and you can each share a story about the gifts you chose for the child!
  2. Buy gifts just for the children. Whether you choose to buy gifts just for kids under 18 or under 12, you can save a lot of money by not having to buy the adults presents. Of course, for families like the Duggars, you may want to choose another option!
  3. Buy themed gift baskets for families. My mom's side of the family has done this before, and honestly, it's my favorite way of gift-giving. It's so simple and affordable to just to buy a gift basket for each family. For example, my Aunt and Uncle gave us a movie-themed gift basket one year complete with pajamas, movies, and popcorn for me, my mom, and my brother.
  4. Set a limit on the price of each gift. If you have a lot of people to buy for, you can require that everyone buy a gift under a certain amount, like $25. You can always find cool gifts at thrift stores, flea markets, and even Etsy!
  5. Buy everyone a gift card. Along the lines of setting a price limit for gifts, if you're one of those people who is never satisfied with your Christmas gifts or never knows what to buy anyone, gift cards are an easy solution!


How are you saving on Christmas this year? Share your ideas below!


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I am all for gift cards! I think they are an easy way to downplay the stress that can sometimes come with gift giving. Sometimes I'll pair the card with something more personal- like a lipgloss I think they'd like or some new mascara for my girly friends, or maybe wrap it with a candy bar or some coffee for a guy friend but I keep it simple!

ITunes, Amazon and Starbucks giftcards are always so practical and I love getting them, even more, giving them! :) The holidays are stressful enough, I try not to make gift giving any crazier!

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Christmas got stressful when I got married. When I was younger, I only had to worry about getting Christmas presents for 6 people. When I got married, that number doubled! Finally, when we had children, we just got gave up on buying everyone in our families gifts. We just do it for the kids. I LOVE BUYING TOYS FOR MY DAUGHTERS although I tend to buy toys that I wanted as a kid. lol.

posted by G Brookes

I like the idea of the Christmas hamper, because you can get creative with that one. Gifts can be expensive, but you can also save in bulk when you buy promotional gifts for work.

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