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Vogue Does Fashion under $100

In a terrifyingly unstable economy, even Vogue has taken a new approach to affordable fashion. Recently, the lovely and fabulous staffers over at Vogue.com compiled a list of treasures under $100, with one item exception being $105. The sole purpose of the article was for the reader to cheer up after a depressing blue Monday by purchasing one of the items from the list. So maybe their angle isn't particularly that the items are budget friendly, but the gaging factor of the article was that they're all priced under $100. So are the items really that affordable?

The list was surprisingly disappointing. Most of the pieces were lovely, but for one who knows a bargain when she's sees it, I didn't quite think an $98 J. Crew Necklace was such a great find. Nor did I think a pair of $65 Wolfords were a bargain when I could get an even cooler pair of tights from House of Holland for a fraction of the cost. The Chanel perfume was a good buy, if only for its standard perfume price range, and the HTC leather bracelet from Aloha rag was cool and moderately affordable. The cheapest item was a Pearl River purse with vintage cartoon images, but you have to have a certain kind of style to pull that off.

Still, I have to give Vogue props for knowing that you can keep your budget in mind when it comes to shopping.

Take a look at some of the Vogue endorsed items below (or you can view the entire list of Treasures under $100) and tell me what you think in the poll below!

Knotted twist necklace

$98.00 at J.Crew

Back Porch Blouse

$98.00 at Anthropologie

Wolford Hero bandage tights

$65.00 by Wolford at Net-A-Porter

Are these items a good deal?

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They're deff Vogue "bargain" pieces but not real people bargain pieces. $68 for tights... no thanks!

posted by

I agree JayMarie

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