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How to Get Professional Skincare Results at Home (and for less!)

Radiant glowing skin is among the most coveted traits women want, but professional skincare is extremely pricey. While there are effective and inexpensive drugstore products that can improve your skin, sometimes we need a product that's a little more powerful to deliver the best results.

If you have dull skin, sun spots, or acne scarring and you haven't seen any improvements with your over the counter products, the Brazilian Peel by Advanced Home Actives is your best alternative. It was the number one skincare sku at Sephora, and it  was also recently nominated for Allure Magazines Reader's Choice best skincare breakthrough.

The one-step Brazilian Peel combines 30% glycolic acid (five times stronger than the leading over the counter product) with ethically sourced Acai to visibly brighten, smooth, firm and tone skin. This amazing peel removes dead skin cells, stimulating cell regeneration to minimize fine lines, sun spots and dryness caused by UV rays. And the best part is--you can see the results after just one use.

The Brazilian Peel sells for $78 for a one-month supply at Sephora. And although it is expensive, I'll tell you what I love about it and whether or not this product can fit into your budget.

Beauty and the Budget's Review:

I have an uneven skin tone, slight acne scarring, and dull skin--so I wanted a quick pick me up. After receiving a four week treatment from the Advanced Home Actives representatives, I was ecstatic to give this product a try.

I can attest that the Brazilian Peel delivers! Everyone wants immediate results these days, and this product noticeably improves your skin after the first application. It felt (and looked) like I had just received a facial--and for nearly half the cost!

I give the Brazilian Peel four stars because it is a fabulous product, but a little pricey for a Beauty on a Budget.

Brazilian Peel: ★★★★ (4/5)

Is this product affordable?

A one month supply breaks down to $19.50 a tube (or a one week application). I think the cost is extremely high, especially if you're on a tight budget. That's $936 a year.

However, you get what you pay for--an extremely effective product. Taking care of your skin is vitally important. It isn't about anti-aging, it's about aging gracefully. I wouldn't spend $18 on MAC eyeshadow because I can get the same results with L'Oreal. But you can't get the same results as the Brazilian Peel with an over the counter product.

This treatment works best for those who really have trouble with their complexion and/or skin tone. It's a less expensive alternative to seeing a skincare professional and getting perscription treatments.

It can fit into your budget if you are considering or have already shelled out hundreds of dollars on professional, doctor recommended treatments. And if you can't afford it--put it on your Christmas wishlist!

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